Maintain your health with a visit to our infrared yoga and fitness classes, or stop in for a private infrared sauna stay, where you can heal for over an hour without any complications. At Sweatheory, we’ve revolutionized ancient and traditional healing methods to provide you with modern solutions to everyday problems.

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Sweat. Detox. Repeat.

Weight Loss
Skin Purification
Improve Circulation
Boost Mood


Let us help you feel better about yourself from the inside out.

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At Sweatheory, we’re revolutionizing the way you detox in more ways than one. Head over to our shot bar for innovative healing remedies in the forms of injections and IV drips. If your day needs an energy boost, do it the healthy way with our Power Up shot (packed with B12, B-Complex and Folate); avoid the latest bug with our Immune Charger; and even ease your achy muscles with a blended remedy of Folate, B-Complex and Magnesium.

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To keep you feeling at your best, we’ve gone beyond the conventional sauna experience to integrate technology and healing like never before. At Sweatheory, we’re leading a revolution in physical and spiritual health, with your safety and comfort in mind.

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