Sweatheory offers infrared yoga, fitness, and meditation classes. We also offer private infrared saunas (with showers) for customers looking to sweat out toxins, heal injuries, alleviate illnesses, and improve their overall health. Sweathaeory's infrared technology revolutionizes ancient healing methods to provide clients with modern solutions to everyday problems.

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Sweat. Detox. Repeat.

Weight Loss
Skin Purification
Improve Circulation
Boost Mood


Let us help you feel better about yourself from the inside out.

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Sweatheory has innovative healing remedies in the form of vitamin injections and IV drips. We offer vitamin injections which can help boost your energy levels, recover from a cold, and even aid you in recovering from a hangover! We also offer Reiki & Crystal healing sessions that help provide mental detox. Additionally, Sweatheory offers body wraps, body sculpting, Mesotherapy, and more.

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Sweatheory has the most efficient and effective ways to keep clients feeling their best beyond the conventional sauna and fitness experience. By combining technology with healthy alternatives and memberships with amazing benefits - we stand out as a leading provider in physical and spiritual health.

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