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  • Please arrive to your sauna or class 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment/class time. This ensures you are able to utilize the entire allotted duration of your sauna session, and prepare/set up for your class.
  • Please use provided make-up remover pads to remove all makeup.
  • We provide filtered reverse osmosis alkaline water in your rooms in glass water bottles. If you need more water during your session, place your empty bottle outside the curtain and our Housekeeping staff will refill it for you. Please do not set bottles directly onto the wood (sauna bench/floor), so the bottles do not overheat. Please keep the top of the bottle OPEN while in the sauna at all times to avoid over heating/pressure building up in the bottle.
  • Please maintain an “indoor voice” and keep music and meditation at a reasonable volume while enjoying your sauna. Phones are not permitted to be on speaker.
  • Please be mindful where you place your jewelry and valuables when you’re in your room to avoid them slipping through the cracks in the wood floors or sauna vents.
  • Sweatheory will not be held responsible for the loss of clients personal hygiene items (soaps/sponges/exfoliating equipment and loofas) and/or undergarments left behind due to health/sanitary procedures. Please make sure you take ALL of your belongings of this nature with you when you exit the room.


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