About Us

About Us

Sweatheory is the first all in one health studio specializing in infrared saunas in private rooms with showers, unique infrared yoga and fitness classes, Vitamin IV drips & Vitamin Injections, along with other options like Body Sculpting & Crystal and Reiki Healing sessions. We've created a destination, an experience, and a lifestyle.


We offer privately designed Sweatheory branded FAR infrared saunas and FAR infrared yoga and fitness studios. Our FAR infrared heat technology helps clear acne and cellulite, as well as stimulate weight loss and blood circulation. FAR infrared is the longest wavelength on the infrared spectrum, ensuring your body receives the deepest detox. Our saunas and studios warm the body directly and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Our yoga and fitness studios are furnished with untreated cedar walls, and a pink Himalayan salt wall that brings comfort and ease during classes. The studio is lined with medical grade chakra lights so the entire room lights up with healing colors to enhance your experience. Classes range from yoga to fitness and mediation! Whatever your mood is, we have a class for you.

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1503 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


310-956-2307 / info@sweatheory.com